Top 10 Unsaid Rules of Working in a Co-working Space and How to Abide By Them

Using a coworking space is a trend that is gaining popularity by the second. Apart from the usual freelancers, independent contractors, and small-time entrepreneurs, even big corporates today use these shared work spaces to conduct official meetings for their company or tend to other official requirements. Co-working space Bangalore, for instance, is a hub for all kinds of businesses and entrepreneurs, big or small.

The benefits of working in a shared / managed / coworking space, are manifold, which are well-understood by the users today. However, with these benefits, there is an added responsibility to understand and strictly follow certain rules that come with working in a shared office space with people you don’t really know.

Here are the top 10 unsaid rules of working in a coworking space and how to abide by them –

  1. Be mindful of your surroundings

Working in a shared space, it is important to be respectful towards the people around and their working space. Speaking on the phone too loudly, invading the space of your coworkers, or basically creating almost a ruckus with your presence in the working space are some of things that must be avoided at all times.

The bottom line is, do not mess with the environment of the work space, do not invade into the personal space of your coworkers, and keep the noise levels in the area to the minimum.

  1. Do not mess up the kitchen area

Do not leave a mess behind you in the kitchen area of a coworking space. No one should have to clean up after you or bear with the smell of the mess you leave around there.

  1. Do not force brainstorming or collaboration

When you are working in a shared working space, it is vital that you respect the privacy and time of those working around you. Respect the boundaries and don’t assume that people would want to brainstorm or collaborate with you.

  1. Utilize the private spaces for important discussions

When you need to discuss something of importance or something that might be confidential, with your team members or coworkers, utilize the private spaces allocated for this purpose. Maintain the privacy in the working space to avoid disrupting those around you or putting them in a possibly uncomfortable spot.

  1. Keep a check on the volume of your phone

Ensure a distraction-free zone for your coworkers in the office space, by keeping your mobile phone on silent mode or on a low volume. Having to listen to constant ringing and beeping of a phone, may become a nuisance to those who are trying to focus their attention on something.

  1. Do not walk in sick

Do not walk in sick to a shared working space, exposing your coworkers to germs and infection. Avoid putting in the effort and dragging yourself to work when infected, and putting others at a risk of catching whatever you might have.

It is of utmost importance that you maintain a basic level of hygiene in shared working spaces.

  1. Do not hog the working space with bookings

Do not book a conference room or a working space without being absolutely sure that you will be using it. Make sure you use the booked space well-within your dedicated time slot. If for some reason, you are not able to turn up at your booked time, make a cancellation of your booking.

  1. Confirm space availability before setting up

Before you settle into your working space, check the availability of that specific workstation or desk with the site administrator or community manager.

  1. Headphone etiquette

If someone has their headphones on and are working on something with absolute focus, the basic etiquette is to not disturb them while they are at it. You do not want to be the person who makes them lose their productivity.

  1. Do not overstay

Do not take advantage of the time of your co-working hosts by occupying the working space or the conference rooms past your booking time slot.